A PCS member who has lost the use of her left arm after she was given poor advice by a Surrey hospital has received an undisclosed amount in compensation.

Lucy Borez, 58, from Victoria in London was involved in a horrific car accident in 2003 which left her with fractures in her left shoulder, right elbow and left hip.

She spent seven weeks in Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey following the accident and received surgery on both arms to insert metal plates.

Poor Medical Advice

Lucy was advised by consultants at the hospital to use crutches to help the recovery of her hip but the strain on her arms proved too much too soon and the metal plate in her shoulder failed.

As a consequence of the advice to use crutches Mrs Borez needed a further four operations to fix her shoulder, including two by a private specialist consultant.

She has lost the use of her left arm and she has been unable to continue in her job as a personal secretary.

Passenger in Car Injured

Mrs Borez was a passenger in car which was hit side on by a 4x4 when she sustained the injuries. She contacted her union the PCS following the road accident which instructed its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors. Thompsons pursued a claim for compensation against both the insurers of the driver who caused the accident and Frimley Park NHS Trust.

Frimley Park NHS Trust accepted 60% liability for the damage to the shoulder while Norwich Union accepted 40% liability.

In addition to securing the final compensation payment Thompsons ensured Mrs Borez received rehabilitative care and treatment, with a view to aiding her recovery.

Well worth being a union member to receive support like this

Mrs Borez said: “The last few years have been filled with a lot of pain and angst as a result of this accident and my subsequent shoulder problems. I have been through five operations and now I can no longer use my left arm. I would still have the use of my arm if I hadn’t used crutches so early in the recovery process.

“I am relieved that the claim has finally been settled. We had to sell our family home in order to survive financially during the last few years. I now look forward to being able to buy a home and to getting on with my life the best I can.

“I am delighted with the level of service I have received from Thompsons who were extremely professional. It is well worth being a member of a union to receive legal support like this.”

Injuries from Car Accident were made worse due to poor medical advice

Emma Wiles, Director of Legal Services at the PCS said: “I am pleased we have been able to help our member obtain compensation for her suffering and that she can now pick up the pieces of her life again. To experience the car accident was bad enough but to be then let down by poor medical advice which has left her permanently disabled was a terrible blow. I am just glad that the union was there for her when she needed us.”

Henrietta Phillips from Thompsons Solicitors added: “Mrs Borez didn’t want to be involved in a car accident let alone suffer long term injuries due to poor medical advice. Compensation is never a substitute for your health but it at least hopefully gives Mrs Borez a feeling of justice.”