Thompsons Solicitors, the UK's largest personal injury and trade union law firm, has called on the administrators of The Accident Group to put the needs of the victims of injury before those of the failed firm's creditors.

Thompsons, which provides legal services to union members, said that the collapse of TAG on Friday was another example of the risks presented to vulnerable and injured people by the compensation claims firms.

Unlike trade unions, compensation claims firms such as TAG and Claims Direct are profit-driven. They rely on a steady supply of swift and easy case successes and low insurance premiums to stay in business.

Trade Union membership gives the best and safest legal protection

Unions however will not go bust because of the ups and downs of the insurance market, legal rulings or because shareholders are clamouring for increased payouts.

Trade union membership gives the best and safest legal protection money can buy, Tom Jones, Thompsons partner, said.

"There will be many people who have taken a claim through TAG who are not in a trade union and who are extremely worried about what will happen to their claim now. We call on the administrators to give an unequivocal assurance to those people that their interests will be looked after before the financial niceties of the creditors."