A former Yorkshire Water employee and GMB member has secured £30,000 in compensation following asbestos exposure. The compensation was secured with the support of GMB and personal injury specialists Thompsons Solicitors.

Mr A Smith, from Pocklington, was employed by Yorkshire Water from 1968 to 1994 as a pipe layer. During the course of his employment he was exposed to asbestos dust as he drilled and cut asbestos pipes manufactured by the now infamous Turner & Newall.

Mr Smith explains: “It’s devastating to learn that I’ve now developed what is known as bilateral diffuse pleural thickening – an illness caused by exposure to asbestos. This was caused by asbestos fibres which I have inhaled and which have become embedded in my lungs. If it wasn’t for the negligence of my employer, I’d still be a fit and healthy 55 year old.”

Andy Worth, Regional Secretary GMB, Midland & East Coast Region, comments: “Employers who negligently exposed their employees to asbestos are now having to pay and rightly so! We’re very pleased to see justice secured for our member.”

Nicola Harrison, from Thomspons Solicitors, explains: “For many victims like Mr Smith, the effects of asbestos exposure are only now coming to the fore. Many Yorkshire workers, some of whom now suffer from mesothelioma, were exposed to deadly levels of asbestos every day during their working life as a result of products manufactured by Turner and Newall.”