UNITE member has been awarded £20,000 in provisional damages after being exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

Peter Guy from Waterloo in Liverpool developed asbestosis after being exposed to the dangerous dust while working for Harland & Wolf shipyard during the 1960s.

Mr Guy, who has been a member of Unite since he was an apprentice, said the condition has left him unable to do the gardening and other jobs around the house and he has had to give up his passion for swimming.

Mr Guy, 74, was a repairer electrician for the firm and worked on board cruise liners which came to the yard for refitting.

Never warned of the dangers of asbestos

He said he remembers being exposed to asbestos on a regular basis but was not warned of the dangers or given any protective clothing.

Mr Guy, who has four children and nine grandchildren, contacted his union Unite when he was diagnosed with asbestosis in 2005 and they dealt with the legalities of the compensation claim.

He is free to claim further compensation if he goes on to develop other asbestos related diseases or if his condition worsens.

He said: “It is unfortunate that back then we did not know about the dangers of asbestos. I am pleased I have been compensated but I would rather have my health back.”

Asbestosis is a crippling respiratory disease

Unite Regional Secretary for the North West, Laurence Faircloth said: “We are pleased we have been able to assist our member to find a satisfactory outcome for his claim.

“Asbestosis can be a debilitating disease and often sufferers are exposed to asbestos unwittingly in the workplace. We will continue to fight for compensation for our members who have been negligently exposed to asbestos.”

Joanne Candlish, client representative at Thompsons Solicitors who act on behalf of the Unite union added: “We are pleased to have secured provisional damages for Mr Guy who was exposed to asbestos while employed as an electrician.

“Asbestosis is a crippling respiratory disease, often developed following exposure in the workplace.”

“Mr Guy can claim for further damages if he goes on to develop other asbestos related conditions like mesothelioma.”