The family of an asbestos victim is urging his former work colleagues to come forward.

Jim Kaczmarek, known as Sinbad by his friends, from Grimsby died from asbestos related lung cancer in December 2011 aged 61.

The former fitter left behind his wife and four children, including two teenagers.

Sinbad worked for British United Trawlers off and on from 1969 to 1980 as a second engineer. He then went onto work for Lincolnshire Engineering Services, now known as Jacobs, based in Grimsby Docks.

Diagnosed with lung cancer

He worked as a fitter for 22 years until he was diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2009.

The former competitive weight lifter instructed Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim just weeks before he died. His wife, Pauline, is now pursuing the claim on his behalf.
The family wish anyone who worked with Sinbad or worked in similar roles to him at British United Trawlers or Lincolnshire Engineering Services to come forward to speak to Thompsons.

They are interested in information about the working environment at both employers.
Mrs Kaczmarek said: “It is important to the whole family that we are able to trace the people who worked alongside my husband to find out more about his working conditions.

"We had no idea that his work could be responsible for his ill health until after his death and by finding out more we hope to find some sense of justice."

Did you work at British United Trawlers or Lincolnshire Engineering Services?

Helen Tomlin of Thompsons Solicitors said: “It is important we build up an accurate and detailed account of Mr Kaczmarek’s working environment at both British United Trawlers and Lincolnshire Engineering Services. We would like to speak to anyone who worked alongside him so we can establish a clear picture of the conditions he worked in.”

Anyone with information should contact Helen Tomlin on 08000 224 224 or email