Our specialist teams work hard to support trade union members and their families who have suffered injuries or injustice at or away from work.

As part of our Standing with Unions campaign, which celebrates Thompsons Solicitors’ commitment to the trade union movement, our trade union solicitors are sharing examples of how they stand with unions every week.

Rachel Halliday, trade union solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors

Rachel Halliday, a trade union solicitor from Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office, gives us an insight into just two days of her busy working week and how she is supporting union members:

"My week has involved a trip to London to meet with two investigative journalists to gather evidence for a case involving a key issue for one of our union clients and its members. The process of gathering the evidence is challenging and the legal arguments are difficult. However, I am very much aware that it is a privilege to be able to work with colleagues and trade union clients on strategic cases like this one. My work involves analysing evidence, following up leads, finding new pieces of evidence and building up an evidential picture which supports our client’s case and has the potential to push back the boundaries of legal protection for trade union members.

"During our meeting, one of the journalists explains to me that when he started his career, investigative journalists would never co-operate with other journalists on a story. However, with cutbacks and reduced resources available, this has gradually changed. Today, investigative journalists co-operate with each other on a global scale and across all media platforms to expose corporate and state wrongdoing. Both journalists helpfully extend the same level of co-operation to me, as a trade union solicitor. They offer suggestions for other people I should contact, and allow me to look through their archives of documents and take copies of evidence that are relevant to the case.

"When I arrive back at the office, there is an email from our national training co-ordinator about the course content for the September training session for one of our union clients. We have a discussion about the topic and the issues that need to be covered in the course materials. From a recent meeting with senior officials, I am aware that this union is particularly concerned about the high-stress levels its members are being subjected to in the workplace. We discuss the importance of incorporating ideas on collective strategies and addressing the causes of stress in the workplace in the course materials, in addition to covering the legal issues.”

For more information on how our solicitors are supporting trade union members, visit our Standing with Unions campaign page.