Kam is an experienced accident at work solicitor based in Thompsons' London office, helping injured people throughout East Anglia and south east England to claim the compensation they are entitled to.

Kam specialises in claims involving accidents at work such as slips and trips at workfalls from height at workmanual handling injuries and assaults at work

He speaks English, Punjabi and Hindi fluently and has acted for many Punjabi and Hindi speaking clients who do not have English as their first language.

Successful accident at work claims

Below, you will find just a small selection of the accident at work compensation claims that Kam has dealt with in Thompsons Solicitors' London office.

Firefighter injured by faulty door

A firefighter was injured at work trying to close antiquated heavy (and, as it turned out, faulty) doors at his fire station. One of the doors jammed causing him to slip and hit his head on a parked fire engine. He was left with a deep cut to his neck, a sprained arm and suffered an ankle injury which needed surgery. He was in plaster for four months and off work for six months, requiring intensive physiotherapy. Although now fit enough to work he can no longer exercise as much as he wants and suffers ongoing pain. Kam recovered £20,000 in compensation for him. 

Street cleaner injured at work

A street cleaner was cleaning outside some shop fronts when her feet became entangled in plastic newspaper strapping. It had been dumped in a public rubbish bin by a newsagent who had previously been reported for dumping trade waste in public bins. She fell heavily on her left side causing her to suffer soft tissue damage to her neck and shoulder and had to take 15 months off work. She returned to work but now drives a street sweeper due to limitations caused by her injuries.

Waitress fractures pelvis at work

A waitress slipped on water on the floor near the dishwasher in the restaurant where she was working. The area around the dishwasher was often slippery but on the night of the accident no wet floor warning signs had been put up and no attempt had been made to dry the area.She landed heavily on her right side and fractured her pelvis in two places. As a result of the accident she was unable to walk unaided for nearly five weeks and was in severe pain for eight weeks. She suffered intermittent pain in her pelvis for several months following the accident. The restaurant eventually settled out of court for 6,000. 

Tripped on faulty step at work

A woman was injured at work when she caught her heel in the metal edging of a stair inside her work building which had not been properly maintained. She tripped and fell down a flight of stairs injuring her hands, feet, hip and back. She was left with ongoing mobility problems and severe pain in her back and had to be registered as disabled after the accident. Kam was successful in recovering compensation for her and she was eventually able to return to work.

Hit by object at work

Kam's client was a man who was injured at work after a metal block attached to a crane fell onto his leg. He suffered a fracture to his leg just above the ankle and was left with permanent stiffness in it. Kam was successful in recovering compensation for the man which not only took into account his injury but also his lost earnings.

Professional membership

Kam is a member and senior litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.