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Legal Guides and Resources

We have a variety of informative guides and resources that, while no substitute for advice from one of our experts, help explain the different types of personal injury claims and provide information on employment law matters.

We also provide introductory guides to UK employment law for trade union members, their representatives and officials.

Read, download or print our selection of factsheets and useful resources, developed by our expert teams here.

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BFAWU Online Will Writing Service | Thompsons Trade Union Solicitors

BFAWU members can now use Thompsons Solicitors' quick and simple online will writing tool. Simply type in your wishes, and a will is written for your on the screen.

Mr Ian Paterson – Breast Surgery Errors | Thompsons Trade Union Law

Mr Paterson put his patients’ lives at risk by using a controversial and unapproved medical technique. If you were treated by Mr Paterson and would like to know if you are entitled to compensation, contact us for expert and confidential legal advice.

Cycling accidents involving stolen or untraced cars and uninsured drivers factsheet

This fact sheet contains information for cyclists who have been involved in a ‘hit and run’ collision with an untraceable driver, or if the vehicle involved is uninsured or stolen.

Five steps to follow after a cycling accident: Fact sheet

If you've been involved in a cycling accident, our fact sheet has information and advice about what to do next.

Occupational Asthma: Fact sheet

Occupational asthma is a condition caused by exposure to certain substances in a person’s working environment. Learn more.

Road Safety Advice for Cyclists: Fact sheet

Commuting to and from work by bike can save you money and time, and has many health benefits. However it is vital to remember, and abide by, the rules of the road whether you are cycling for recreation or to commute to help protect you, and other road users from serious injury.

Silicosis: Fact sheet

Learn more about silicosis, an occupational respiratory disease most commonly associated with the mining, quarrying, construction, pottery and sandblasting industries.

Staying Safe on the Roads in Winter: Fact sheet

Road safety is particularly important in the winter months when driving conditions tend to be worse and the likelihood of harsher weather conditions is higher. Learn more about staying safe on the roads.

Industrial diseases: Introduction to claiming compensation

This booklet contains useful information about making a claim for industrial diseases such as deafness, HAVS, silicosis, latex allergies and dermatitis.