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We have a variety of informative guides and resources that, while no substitute for advice from one of our experts, help explain the different types of personal injury claims and provide information on employment law matters.

We also provide introductory guides to UK employment law for trade union members, their representatives and officials.

Read, download or print our selection of factsheets and useful resources, developed by our expert teams here.

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Trans-vaginal tape (TVT) surgery health risks

If you have suffered as a result of undergoing TVT surgery, you may be entitled to make a medical negligence compensation claim. Click to learn more.

Patient Recall Fact Sheet

If you have received a patient recall letter from the NHS, we have set out answers to some of the question you might have.

Mr Ian Paterson – Breast Surgery Errors

Mr Paterson put his patients’ lives at risk by using a controversial and unapproved medical technique. If you were treated by Mr Paterson and would like to know if you are entitled to compensation, contact us for expert and confidential legal advice.

Eye Conditions & Disease

Losing your eyesight is something that many of us worry about. For most of us, it's a matter of being long or short sighted and glasses are an easy and effective solution.

Hospital errors during preparation for surgery

All operations carry a degree of risk and have the potential for complications. Usually, when people think of these complications, they think of difficulties arising during the operation itself. Sometimes, however, complications can arise during the preparatory stage of surgery, with disastrous results.

Diabetes: Saving legs, saving lives

Many people with diabetes have multiple and complex health problems. Potential delays in treatment or a misdiagnosis can have serious consequences.

Working with Us: Important information about your personal injury case

This booklet contains useful information about the different stages of making a personal injury compensation claim.

Making a clinical negligence claim for a child

Linda Millband, joint head of Thompsons Solicitors' medical negligence team, looks at clinical negligence claims relating to children

Diabetes and amputation – what are the risks?

NHS England states that there are around 3.8million people in the UK diagnosed with diabetes, a condition which – if not properly treated – is one of the leading causes of lower-limb loss.