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Factory Injury Claims

We can support trade union members who have been injured in a factory accident.

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Factory Injury Claims

Factory accidents are a far too common occurrence in the UK, with workers being injured as a result of inadequate training, sub-standard machinery or a lack of proper supervision.

Due to the nature of the working environment, factory injuries can be life changing and poor employer health and safety procedures can even lead to a loss of life.

Companies that employ workers in a factory have a duty of care to make sure the work environment is safe and protect the workforce from accidents. Sadly, employers do not always follow the rules. As a result, more than 60,000 workers in UK factories are injured at work every year, with 15 losing their life.  

I had no idea who to turn to, but then my union rep helped tremendously. He introduced me to Thompsons so I could take advantage of the free legal help scheme.

Craig, trade union member


Support for trade union members

At Thompsons Solicitors, we have dedicated teams of specialist workplace accident lawyers who have been working alongside trade unions to protect and further factory workers’ rights for the past 100 years. We provide specialist support to members who have been injured and secure millions of pounds in compensation against negligent employers every year.

We offer a unique commitment to trade union members. For the past 100 years, we have only ever acted for workers, never for the employers who injure them or those who insure the employers.

If you have been injured during your work at a factory, contact us or your union legal service to find out how our team can help you hold your employer to account and secure the damages you deserve.