A teenager whose life was dramatically changed when his legs were crushed when a drunk driver ploughed into him as he stood with friends outside a nightclub has received a six figure sum in compensation.

The 23-year-old from Somerset was just 17 when he suffered extensive injuries to both legs and in particular to his lower left leg which had numerous fractures and extensive muscle damage.

Surgeons were able to save his left leg with emergency surgery but he has since undergone numerous operations over the last five years to help it heal. He has been left with one leg shorter than the other and finds it difficult to walk more than a few hundred metres. Standing is painful and he cannot run. He will need specialist shoes for the rest of his life to enable him to walk properly .

The young man was attending a sixth form college at the time of the accident and was looking forward to a future full of opportunities. He was due to complete a B-Tech in IT and had plans to start his career.

Instead he spent the next three months in a wheelchair and a further two months on crutches regaining the ability to walk. He was then in and out of hospital for further surgery on his leg and suffered extensive pain.

Thompsons Solicitors secured compensation for injuries

Following the accident his dad, a Unite the Union member, contacted Unite’s lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors for advice.

After a lengthy legal battle Thompsons was able to secure the compensation from the drunk driver’s insurers.

The driver of the car was prosecuted and jailed for nine months, and his insurance company admitted that they were liable to pay compensation for the victim’s severe injuries.

Part of the compensation will enable the young victim to undergo a further operation which should allow him to pursue a career.

He said: “The last few years have been awful but this compensation gives me real hope that I can now get my life back on track. This next operation should improve the healing in my left leg. I would like to gain some fitness instructor qualifications and the terrible experience that I’ve been through has made me determined to help others who have had similar problems to get their lives back on track.”

“This money gives me some freedom to make the most out of my future. I’m only too aware of the opportunities I’ve missed out on during the last five years and I want to make up for that. I am very grateful for the huge support of my family, the trade union and my solicitor for helping me through what has been a traumatic time in my life.”

Compensation will allow him to access specialist treatment

Livie Reid, Regional Officer at Unite the Union added: “This young man and his family have been through an extremely traumatic time as a result of a drunk driver. We are delighted we have been able to support them through our trade union legal services. “

James Davies from Thompsons Solicitors said: “This young man was mown down by a drunk driver and left with horrific injuries at a time in his life when he had his whole future ahead of him.

“Instead of living life as a regular teenager he had to come to terms with his painful and life-limiting injuries. This compensation will allow him to access specialist treatment as well as to undertake a programme of studies to ensure he has secure employment in the future.”