A train driver who had to give up his career after he suffered multiple injuries when a car cut across the path of his motorbike has received a substantial sum in compensation after help from his trade union.

The ASLEF member from Waterlooville in Hampshire was knocked off his motorbike in July 2006 by a car travelling in the opposite direction which turned right and ploughed straight into him. The accident happened as he travelled to South West Trains Fratton Depot to begin his shift.

He was knocked unconscious and suffered a fractured shoulder blade, fractured ribs and fractures to his right hand. The most serious injuries were to his right leg which sustained multiple fractures and significant tissue loss.

Needed a specialist walking aid and wheelchair for months

After four days in intensive care he remained in hospital for a month and underwent two operations to his leg including skin grafts during that time. He needed a specialist walking aid and wheelchair for months before his shoulder was mended enough for him to use crutches. Unable to bear weight on his right leg, he relied on his family to care for him.

Over the next four years the break to the right femur failed to unite properly and doctors warned him he might lose his leg. It wasn’t until November 2011 after another four operations to the leg, that he was told the bone had finally united. His mobility is severely restricted and he has been left with shortening in his right leg which requires a shoe raise. He also uses a walking stick.

Following the accident he has been left in constant pain with extensive leg scarring and has been medically retired from his job as a train driver. As a result of his injuries he is likely to need a knee replacement operation in the future.

Since medical retirement, following a period as a volunteer, the 48-year-old now works a few hours a week for a local school. He has been told it is unlikely he will ever return to full time work.

Thompsons was able to secure a substantial sum

His trade union, ASLEF, instructed its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim for compensation. Thompsons was able to secure a substantial six figure sum from the car driver's insurers.

The ASLEF member said: "The last six years have been a living nightmare. It was a normal journey into work when the accident happened. I didn't stand a chance and I know I am lucky I wasn’t killed. The pain of my injuries is one thing but the frustration of being unable to support my family, work again and being left with a long term disability is immense.

"This compensation will help to replace my loss of earnings and my pension, going someway to providing financial security for my family and I. It will also pay for care and the specialist equipment I will need in the future.."

Mick Whelan, ASLEF’s general secretary said: "We are pleased we have been able to support this member during these difficult years. A dedicated train driver has lost the ability to pursue the career he loved because of this car driver. This was a big settlement reflective of the very serious injuries and the financial consequences of this devastating crash."

James Davies from Thompsons Solicitors said: "Whilst a moment's inattention didn’t cost our client his life and his leg was saved his life will never be the same again due to the devastating injuries he sustained."