For some years, union members have been able to avoid having to take time off work to go and see a solicitor to make a will and have been able to fill in a form instead. 


Thompsons Solicitors’ client feedback showed that the forms were seen to be complicated and off putting and too many of them sat on the side in members’ homes and never got filled in. Thompsons is going one stage further and doing away with form filling altogether and moving to an online service that allows members to generate their free will on screen.


Several of Thompsons Solicitors' trade union clients have already moved on to the new online system including ASLEF, BFAWU, FBU, PCS, POA, RMT, NUJ and Unison. The service - which is provided by BBH Legal Services Ltd, a subsidiary law firm wholly owned by Thompsons - is quick and simple to use. It guides members through a short questionnaire that captures all the information needed to draft either a single or, in the case of married couples and same-sex partnerships, joint will. 



“Having a will in place safeguards your loved ones’ futures, but we are doing what we can to make sure that what is sometimes seen as a chore and a bit macabre isn’t stressful.”

Simon Wilson, BBH Legal

“Our new online system is free, avoids lengthy turnaround times and doesn’t require members to fill in complicated forms. Instead, members can simply type in their details and wishes and have their will drafted for them in a matter of minutes” said Simon Wilson on BBH Legal.
The long-term plan is to phase out the paper system altogether so that all union wills are generated online.

Benefits of generating a will online

The online will system saves union member’s time. Paper applications can take weeks to draft and finalise and can get put off forever whereas the online system allows union members to create a will within a matter of minutes.
Trade union members can access the system at any time, so they can create their will at a time convenient to them. The online system allows members to generate their will in front of them on their screens – there is no need to agonise over paper forms.
The online will service is free for trade union members and suitable for straightforward wills, however, complex wills such as ones involving more than one property, land abroad or substantial assets will require more work and advice and aren’t suitable for the online system.  If your will is complicated, the online system will automatically stop the process and arrangements will be made for you to get one-to-one advice for which there will be a fee, if you chose to take it up.
For more information on how to create a will online, or to start drafting a will, visit your trade union page.