Thompsons Solicitors has welcomed the new guidelines published this week about the Breast Cancer Drug, Herceptin. The report released by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) states that the drug should now be available to all those in the early stages of breast cancer.

These guidelines mean that all NHS Primary Care Trusts are now under a statutory obligation to provide Herceptin to patients eligible for the drug under the guidelines.

Fight for a Nurse’s Rights

Thompsons Solicitors has been campaigning with the trade unions to make Herceptin available to all patients who need it. When Elisabeth Cooke was refused the drug, Thompsons helped her with her fight against Bristol North NHS Primary Care Trust. Her claim was backed throughout by her trade union UNISON.

These new guidelines now mean that Elisabeth will be entitled to the drug.

John Watkins from Thompsons Solicitors’ who represented Elisabeth Cooke said “NHS Primary Care Trusts are now under a statutory obligation to provide Herceptin to patients whose oncologist prescribes the treatment. We warmly welcome this positive step forward which will affect many patients who are suffering from breast cancer. Bristol North NHS Primary Care Trust continues to refuse to accept that they were wrong in denying this treatment to Elisabeth Cooke. They will now have to provide the drug to Elisabeth Cooke and others in her position.”

Elisabeth Cooke said “This is fantastic news. This drug gives me the best possible chance of surviving. I can now get on with my life knowing that all that can be done is being done. I am a very, very happy woman. This positive news will benefit so many other men and women who find themselves in my situation and this will finally end the unfair postcode lottery regarding this drug.”

Elisabeth’s story was covered in full by the BBC.