Leading trade union Unite (Amicus section) has secured £6,500 in compensation for a member who suffered from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) after working at Depuy International – a company now well known for deafness claims. Mr Alan Gosling, aged 39, from Leeds, brought his claim after realising that his hearing had become impaired. His claim was handled by leading personal injury specialists Thompsons Solicitors.

Mr Gosling was employed as a fitter / polisher from 1996 to 2006, when he was transferred to an inspection position. Depuy International manufactured medical implants and he was based in the fitting department in St Anthony's Road, Leeds. His daily work consisted of working on spindles to grind and finish surgical implant components. All of the spindles give off high levels of noise whilst in use. Other sources of noise come from the shot blast machines which were situated approximately 10 feet away from where he worked.

Alan Gosling explains: “Despite the high levels of noise we were exposed to at Depuy, ear protection was not mandatory until around January 2001. I wasn’t aware of the long term damage this could cause and sadly I now suffer from noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus, which affects my day to day life.”

Davey Hall, Regional Secretary, Unite (Amicus section) comments: “The Control of Noise at Work Regulations which came into effect in April 2006 were intended to provide improved protection for workers from one of Britain’s most serious occupational diseases. Unfortunately noise remains one of the most underestimated workplace risks so we are very pleased with the outcome of Alan Gosling’s case.”

Representing Alan Gosling, Oliver Collett from Thompsons Solicitors in Leeds explains: “Yet again, Depuy International have failed to provide suitable equipment to protect employees’ hearing. Mr Gosling is the latest victim whose hearing has been impaired for the rest of his life.”