The 50-year-old from South Shields was made redundant from his job for CRAMARC Engineering, an English company based in Southern Ireland, in May 2009 after working for the firm for three years.

He worked as a welder for the company but whilst on holiday he was told he was not needed to return to work and was being made redundant. He was not provided with any selection criteria nor offered alternative employment within the firm.

Despite being on a notice period of two weeks he was given just £1,600 in holiday and redundancy pay. He was not paid for the notice period.

Following his redundancy he contacted his union, the GMB, which instructed Thompsons Solicitors to pursue the case in employment tribunal.

Newcastle Employment Tribunal found that the member had been unfairly dismissed and was entitled to more than £5,000 in loss of earnings and awarded more than £6,000 in compensation. In total he was awarded £13,695.

The member has found alternative work. He said: “It is a huge relief that this is now all over. I should never have been forced to fight tooth and nail for this money, which contractually I was entitled to.”

Michael Blench from the GMB added: “Our member has been treated appallingly. He worked hard for this firm for three years yet they failed to give him notice that he was being made redundant. Additionally they then refused to pay him wages he was entitled to. We are pleased we have been able to support him through employment tribunal to a successful conclusion."

Anu Kaura from Thompsons Solicitors said: “We welcome the tribunal supporting our argument that this member was unfairly dismissed and then had his wages unlawfully deducted. Employers are required to follow standard procedures when going through a programme of redundancies and this firm simply ignored the available guidance.”