Thompsons Solicitors has succeeded in obtaining substantial compensation for an electrician diagnosed with fatal asbestos cancer.

The 73-year-old from Newport was exposed to asbestos while working as an apprentice electrician for electrical contractors in Cardiff Docks and other docks around the Severn Estuary from 1955 to 1984.

During his 30 years with the company he worked aboard ships during the refit of oil tankers, refrigeration and coal ships. He spent long periods on board in dry dock. It was a dusty environment where old asbestos was being removed and new asbestos was being applied.

Never warned about the dangers of asbestos

He was never warned about the dangers of asbestos or given adequate protection from the dust.

The dad of four and granddad to 11 was diagnosed with the asbestos related cancer mesothelioma in June 2011. There is still no cure for the disease.

The electrical engineer, who had only just begun to enjoy his retirement before his diagnosis, decided to claim compensation after being informed by medical experts that he was suffering from an industrial disease.

Thompsons Solicitors are asbestos claims experts

He instructed asbestos claims experts, Thompsons Solicitors, who successfully secured substantial damages.

He said: “My work was a dust-ridden environment and we always worked without any protection. I never saw masks and although I had overalls I would shake them out at the end of the day without knowing that I was risking my health by breathing in asbestos.

“I hadn’t considered claiming compensation until I was told by the hospital that I might be able to. I’d rather have my health back but it is a relief to know that my wife is provided for in the future.”

Eamonn McDonough from Thompsons Solicitors added: “Unfortunately our client is one of thousands of people who have been affected by the legacy of asbestos in the Cardiff and South Wales area. Mesothelioma is an aggressive disease and we are pleased we have been able to bring his claim to a swift conclusion during his lifetime.”