A welder who suffered multiple injuries when he fell because a scaffolding pole had not been properly secured has been compensated for his injuries.

Rex Hann, 61, from Southampton hurt his back, neck and right hand in the accident at BAE Systems Surface Ships Portsmouth in Farnborough.

He was climbing down a step to another platform when the pole he was using for support gave way. It hadn't been secured correctly.

Mr Hann said he was lucky that he didn't fall the 20ft to the ground and instead landed on the platform two metres below.

Accident caused hairline fracture and displaced discs

He was diagnosed with a displaced disc and suffered a hairline fracture in his back.

He had to take three weeks off work and when he returned he was on light duties until he retired two years later.

He said he had hoped to get a part time job when he retired but his back problems mean it isn't possible.

Following the accident he contacted his union, the GMB, which instructed Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim for compensation.

BAE settled the claim out of court for £13,000.

Working at height is the biggest cause of workplace injuries and deaths in the UK

Mr Hann said: "I count my blessings that I didn't fall further. If I had my accident could have been fatal. The end result is bad enough. I had hoped to supplement my pension with a small job but that simply isn't possible now."

Richard Ascough regional secretary at the GMB said: "Mr Hann has had a lucky escape but his resulting injuries have still left him with significant difficulties. There should have been rigorous checks in place to avoid this accident from happening in the first place."

Dominique Garland from Thompsons Solicitors said: "We see many cases of employees who are injured whilst working at height. It is the biggest cause of workplace injuries and deaths in the UK. Mr Hann was badly injured because BAE hadn't put safeguards in place to ensure all the scaffolding was secured correctly. We hope important lessons have been learnt from this accident."