A Unite the Union member who suffered injuries to both legs when a 1.5 tonne trolley crushed him has received a substantial sum in compensation from his former employers.

The 40-year-old , from Great Barr was left with a crushed left ankle and a fractured right lower leg following the accident at Caparo Precision Tubes based in Oldbury.

The quality engineer for the firm was helping a colleague to move the trolley which was full of metal tubes.

There was known to be a 2cm rise in the floor and it was normal practice to push a loaded trolley over it but as the men did so it began to topple. He attempted to jump out of the way but there wasn’t enough room and the trolley trapped him against a steel bin.

He needed surgery on both legs which meant he was unable to weight bear for more than eight weeks and was off work for four months in total. On his return he was only able to do office work.

Unlikely to ever return to manual labour after accident

The Unite member has since been made redundant from Caparo Precision Tubes and works for a different company though in a desk job.

His injuries which have left him with ongoing permanent pain mean it is unlikely he will ever return to manual labour. He has had to give up playing football and is unable to pursue an active lifestyle.

Following the accident he contacted his trade union Unite. Unite Legal Services instructed Thompsons Solicitors to act on the member’s behalf.

Caparo Precision Tubes admitted liability and settled the claim out of court.

The member said: “I suffer from pain everyday and it can make everyday things a real struggle. I’ve had to learn to just get on with life as it is, but not being able to play football or be as active as I used to be is frustrating. I worry about the future as I’m now limited in the work I can do and the compensation goes some way to help with those financial concerns.”

Accident was so easily avoidable

Gerard Coyne from Unite the Union added: “Investigations into this accident showed there was no risk assessment into whether this type of trolley was suitable to carry a heavy load and bosses had failed to properly inspect the floor for defects. This was an accident waiting to happen and yet so easily avoided altogether.”

John Mullen from Thompsons Solicitors said: “A number of health and safety failures by this employer left a hard working member of staff suffering serious injury impacting on his long term employment and health prospects.”