Unite the Union member has received compensation after he tore his ankle ligaments in a workplace accident.

Joe Large from Wolverhampton has received £17,000 in compensation after instructing Unite’s lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors to pursue his claim.

Joe, 47, was forced to go on long term sick leave as a result of the injury caused when he fell into a gap between two machines at Ferrotech Limited in Tipton.

The platform on the machines, used in the process of creating complex cast iron components, should have been lined up square but a gap of four inches had been allowed to develop.

Torn Ligaments caused by Accident at Work

The injury saw Joe in a cast for six weeks after doctors thought he had broken his ankle. It became clear later that he had in fact torn ligaments. Now his ankle swells up if overused and he must keep it strapped up.

Joe was later made redundant by the firm following a number of compulsory redundancies made before Ferrotech went into liquidation.

His ankle has since been strong enough to allow him to work as a self employed plasterer but the number of hours he can work is restricted by the injury.

Joe has also been forced to quit as coach for his local junior football team.

He said: “This accident has had a profound effect on my life. If I had not been injured I could be working many more hours than I am now. The pain in my ankle means I have to turn down jobs that involve ladders or scaffolding.

“I’ve also had to give up coaching the junior football team, something which gave me a lot of satisfaction.”

Good Health and Safety Procedures should be in place

Following the accident Joe contacted his union Unite which instructed their lawyers Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim. Ferrotech Limited admitted liability and settled out of court.

Gerard Coyne West Bromwich Regional Secretary at Unite added: “We are pleased to support our member in his claim for compensation. This accident was caused as a result of Ferrotech’s negligence and as a result Mr Large has a reduced earning capability.

“This kind of accident proves how important it is for businesses to do risk assessments and to have good health and safety procedures in place.

Warinder Juss from Thompsons Solicitors added: “All employers owe a duty of care to their workforce to protect them from reasonably foreseeable injuries, under the law of negligence. If Ferrotech had stricter health and safety procedures this accident would never have happened.”