GMB member who slipped while working at the five star Savoy Hotel in London has received £9,000 in compensation.

Luis Castillo, 63, from Croydon worked at the hotel for 17 years as a waiter and a wine waiter before the accident happened in April 2007.

He was walking through the hotel’s kitchen with a bottle of wine and liqueurs on a tray when he slipped on grease on the floor.

He suffered from soft tissue damage to his foot and still suffers from pain. As a result he was off work for three months and can now only work for short periods of time.

The Savoy Hotel has been closed for a reported £100m refurbishment since December 2007 and plans to reopen later this year.

Decided to pursue claim for compensation

Following the accident Mr Castillo contacted his union the GMB which instructed its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for accident compensation.

The hotel accepted liability for the accident and agreed to settle the claim for £9,000.

Mr Castillo said: “On the day of the accident I had to walk through the kitchen to serve drinks to a customer but the floor had not been kept clean. As a result I slipped and fell. Although the accident was almost two years ago I still visit my doctor with the pain.

“It was important for me to pursue compensation because I am now limited in the work I can do. I can only take shifts now and again. Had this accident not happened I would have expected to work full time right up to retirement.”

Slips and trips are a common work hazard

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary added: “Slips and trips are a common work hazard for those employed in the restaurant trade. Employers should ensure staff have a safe work environment by following health and safety protocol.

“What may on the surface seem like a simple slip has had serious knock-on effects for Mr Castillo who can no longer work full time in the lead up to his retirement.”

Meena Santharam from Thompsons Solicitors added: “Legislation is in place to protect employees against slips and trips at work, including The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations.

“Restaurants should have an extra focus on safe flooring, adequate lighting and quick clean-up of spills to help avoid this kind of accident from happening.”