A former Ministry of Defence Training Manager who suffered excruciating injuries after he slipped on water at an army base in Dorset, has secured compensation with the help of Thompsons Solicitors and his union, PCS.

Alan Brooks was injured as he walked into the instructors’ rest room at Blandford Camp. He slipped and fell to the floor in the ‘splits’ position.

No warning of hazard

Alan had slipped on water which had not been properly dried but had not been highlighted by a clearly visible warning sign – a direct breach of Elior UK Ltd’s (the cleaning contractor responsible for mopping the floor) safety procedures.

He suffered excruciating pain to his right leg and the movement in his knee was considerably limited. Two weeks after the slip, Alan’s knee had swollen so much that he had to undergo a surgical procedure to drain the fluid.

Cleaning contractor Elior UK brought to account

Alan contacted his union, PCS, for advice. They referred his case to personal injury specialists, Thompsons Solicitors, who investigated a claim for compensation against Elior UK Ltd. Thompsons was successful in establishing that Elior UK Ltd had breached both their own health and safety standards and health and safety laws. They secured compensation for Mr Brooks’ injuries.

Alan Brooks said: “The fall was extremely painful. As well as making everyday life more difficult the long term consequence is that I can no longer enjoy my hobbies such as swimming and running, which I had done regularly before the accident.

“My accident was completely avoidable. Had the caution sign been somewhere I could have seen it before going through the door, then I would never have slipped. I would like to thank PCS and Thompsons for helping me bring Elior UK to account.”

Essential health and safety measures must not be ignored

Carl Banks, PCS Health and Safety Officer, said: “This is a clear example of why health and safety procedures should be followed to the letter – what’s the point of warning signs if they’re put where the people who would be at risk of the hazard can’t see them?

“Alan should never have been allowed to suffer such an injury at work. We are pleased that we supported our member in this case but would urge all employers to ensure that such basic health and safety procedures at their workplaces are not overlooked”.

Dimuna Gething at Thompsons Solicitors, who represented Mr Brooks, said: “It is basic health and safety that wet floors have visible signs to warn people. This accident has, sadly, had a damaging impact on Alan’s life and it could all have been avoided had simple actions been taken.”