The GMB member from Leicestershire has been left with a seriously strained elbow after being forced to attach brakes on her truck twice a day.

Her injuries mean she finds it painful to lift objects, stretch and carry and must take strong painkillers.

After working for the firm for eight years she contacted her trade union to find out if they could support her when her bosses refused to listen to her complaints about the work she was having to do.

The GMB instructed its lawyers, Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation.

Thompsons was successful in settling the claim out of court after the firm admitted liability. The member has now been moved into a different role.

The member said: “My elbow still causes me pain every day and it makes it difficult to lift and carry. I try hard just to put up with it.

“I decided to claim compensation as my employers just wouldn’t listen to my concerns. I’m surprised and delighted by how much compensation Thompsons have been able to secure and I’d recommend other GMB members to consider using their trade union legal services if they suffer an injury from their work.”

Andy Worth from the GMB said: “RSI is a coverall term for a number of different injuries caused or aggravated by repetitive actions undertaken while at work. We provide free support to thousands of members like this member who suffer an injury at work every year.”

Lisa Phillips-Jones from Thompsons Solicitors said: “Where staff undertake repetitive tasks employers should be anticipating possible problems with RSI. More than one in 50 people in the UK suffer from an RSI and more often than not these have both been caused by work and could have been prevented.”