GMB Northern has secured £90,000 compensation for a member who suffered terrible injuries in a fall at work caused by dangerously uneven flooring. The workplace compensation claim was pursued by GMB solicitors Thompsons.

Ian Mitchell faces the total loss of movement in one wrist as a result of the devastating fall from a ladder in May 2002 while working as a fibre glass laminator at Condor Environmental PLC in Peterlee, County Durham.

The ladders fell from under him as they stood on an uneven floor caused by pieces of fibreglass which had hardened over time.

Mr Mitchell suffered a fractured right wrist and ulna and has endured several operations to try to repair the damage and ease the pain. He has been unable to return to his job at Condor and his job prospects are bleak.

Compensation for lost earnings and cost of care

Mr Mitchell is 41 years old and lives in County Durham. He explains: "I’m still in a lot of pain and having medical treatment. I’ve had various operations to fix my arm and will have to have my wrist permanently set. This will get rid of the pain but will result in total loss of movement. Since the accident I’ve managed to obtain work as a courier but I can only work for two hours per day."

"I’m very grateful to the GMB and Thompsons for fighting for this money for me. No amount of compensation will take away the pain or bring back the full use of my arm, but it will help to ease the financial difficulties I face as a result of being unable to work."

Tommy Brennan, GMB Northern regional secretary comments: "Employers who expose their workers to unsafe working environments must pay for their negligence. Every employee has a right to work in a safe environment. We would urge other local employers to take heed and learn from Condor’s errors."

David Mole from Thompsons Solicitors in Newcastle comments: “As a result of the accident, Ian’s future work prospects are bleak. Medical experts agree that he will only be capable of light sedentary work for the foreseeable future which will result in a significant loss of earnings. The compensation takes that into account, along with the costs of the care he has needed.”