A prison officer who suffered serious facial injuries when she tripped and fell during a night patrol has received compensation.

The officer fell over a metal lock back latch that was embedded in a concrete floor. She landed face down, smashing her forehead, shattering her glasses and suffering cuts around her eyes and cheek.

She still suffers headaches and the accident aggravated her pre-existing tinnitus.

Thompsons Solicitors made claim for compensation

Only one torch had been supplied to the two officers on patrol. Personal injury specialists Thompsons pursued compensation for the member, whose claim was backed by the officer’s trade union the Prison Officers’ Association, on the basis that the prison had breached workplace health and safety regulations.

Colin Moses, National Chairman from the POA said: “Our members’ safety is our primary concern, whether it’s when dealing directly with inmates or on other duties. Sending prison officers out on night patrol in badly lit areas and without adequate lighting equipment is irresponsible. We are pleased that this member has secured compensation for her injuries.”

Amanda Duffy, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “The area the officers were patrolling was badly lit and they had just one torch between them. There were obstructions on the area they had to walk around that should have been removed or made clearly visible.”