An engineer from Cumbria who was forced to retire on medical grounds after rupturing the bicep in his right arm has secured £95,000 compensation from Manchester firm Robert McBride Ltd with the support of his trade union Unite and their personal injury specialists Thompsons.

Geoffrey Loftus, from Dalton in Furness, ruptured the bicep in his right arm whilst tightening a bolt during the course of his employment as a blow mould engineer. As a result of his employer’s negligence, he was forced to retire due to his injuries but was unable to obtain alternative employment. The case was settled out of court just one week before the trial was due to take place.

Workplace Accident resulted in ruptured bicep tendon

Mr Loftus, now aged 63, explains: “I had worked for the firm since 1990. On this particular day, as I was tightening up a bolt, I felt a snapping sensation and a lot of pain in my right bicep. I went to the A&E department at the Royal Oldham Hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from a ruptured bicep tendon.”

“I was very sad when they terminated my employment on the grounds of ill health. I have been a loyal worker for many years and losing my job was a terrible blow. If they had offered me a lighter job in one of the Barrow in Furness factories, I would have taken it but they didn’t.  Despite numerous job applications and signing up to computer courses, I’ve had no luck getting another job. I got very despondent because as soon as you even speak to someone and you say that you're over 60 they tend not be interested.”

Laurence Faircloth, Unite Regional Secretary, said: “Our member Mr Loftus deserves every penny of his compensation. Not long after his accident he signed himself fit and tried to return to work early as he loved his job but was sent home by his employers. As a result of their negligence, he is now struggling to get a job despite weekly visits to the job centre and his ongoing efforts to retrain.”

Representing Mr Loftus, Philip Liptrot from Thompsons Solicitors in Manchester comments: “If this accident had not occurred, Geoffrey Loftus would have worked up until retirement age. He is a man of great character who has tried desperately to secure alternative employment but without success. His injuries have also impacted his day to day life: he had problems just combing his hair and washing himself, and can no longer drive long distances.”