An RMT member has urged others to join a trade union after the RMT, with the help of Thompsons Solicitors, secured substantial compensation after he was seriously injured due to the negligence of his employer.

The train conductor was making sure passengers were getting off a Northern Rail train safely when the edge of the platform he was standing on suddenly crumbled, causing him to fall between the train and the platform.

His right knee was severely injured and he had to undergo an operation and intensive physiotherapy. In effort to aid his recovery, the railway worker also underwent a course of highly painful shockwave therapy. Even though the accident happened three years ago, the union member’s knee remains painful and he will never fully recover.

He contacted the RMT who put him in touch with Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim against Northern Rail on his behalf.

The injury has meant the man is unable to stand for long periods and had to leave his role as a conductor. Although he was able to work on light duties, the burden of his intensive treatment regime meant he still had to take lots of time off work.

The former conductor said: “When the platform collapsed and I fell onto the track, I was in a great deal of shock and pain. However, it could have been even much more serious had it been a child who fell or if a train had been travelling through the station at speed.

The injury meant I lost earnings because I was off sick for so long. It was a nightmare and Northern Rail never even bothered to apologise.

“However, the RMT and Thompsons Solicitors have been fantastic. It shows that union membership and the legal service it offers is worth every penny. The RMT stood up for me when no one else did.”

Mick Cash, acting general secretary for the RMT, said: “Our member’s case shows how important the union legal service is. He was badly injured through no fault of his own. Fortunately, with the help of Thompsons Solicitors, we were able to secure a settlement that will recoup his losses and provide him with some financial security.”

Amanda Dixon, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “This could have been a fatal accident all because Northern Rail failed to carry out a proper risk assessment of the platform. There is a consequence of failing to keep up health and safety and our client suffered for it.”