A warehouse worker from Bristol was involved in an accident at work in February this year when he slipped on a tomato which had been left on the floor.

John Scullion, aged 46, from Southmead in Bristol was picking goods in the aisle within the produce section of the warehouse operated by his employer, EXEL Logistics. As he had picked up a case of melons, his left foot stepped on a stray tomato.

A number of tomatoes had been dropped on the floor earlier that day by another employee who had failed to pick up the tomatoes and, instead, had kicked them out of the way.

Mr Scullion was taken to Frenchay Hospital where his injuries were examined. He suffered from pain in his left leg and groin.

Mr Scullion explains: “I didn’t see the tomato on the floor. It didn’t come from my lane or the aisle I was working in. I felt as if I was doing the splits when my leg went from underneath me. I had to have two weeks off work after my accident and was lucky not to have suffered ligament damage.”

Andy Frampton, Unite regional secretary said: “Mr Scullion was entitled to receive legal representation to pursue his claim for compensation under his union membership. The compensation that he received was wholly justified.”

Thompsons Solicitors who represented Mr Scullion during the course of his claim explained: “Every employer has a legal duty to make sure that floors are free from obstructions or substances that could cause a slip or fall in the workplace. An out of court settlement resulted in a payment of £2500 for Mr Scullion in compensation for his injuries.”