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Issue 672

Labour & European Law Review

Government guidance on ‘Working Safely during COVID-19’

While the new guidance in no way supersedes any legal obligations relating to health and safety, employment or equalities, this article summarises the UK government’s guidelines on returning to work and considers the reality of the practicalities involved.

Guidance for construction and other outdoor workers

This guidance is intended to cover those working in construction, energy and utilities, farming and agriculture (including seasonal labour), forestry, waste management and other infrastructure, railway services and street and highway services.

Guidance for those working in other people’s homes

This guidance covers those who provide services in and to people’s homes. It is designed to be relevant for the employed (and their employers, including households) and the self-employed, and to agencies who work with these individuals.

Guidance for those working in labs and research facilities

This sector guidance covers engineering centres, clean rooms, prototyping centres, wet labs, wind tunnels, computer labs, simulators, material development labs and special testing rooms.

Guidance for those working in offices and contact centres

This sector guidance covers those who work in offices, contact centres, operations rooms and other similar indoor environments.

Guidance for those working in factories, plants and warehouses

This sector guidance covers those working in industrial environments such as manufacturing and chemical plants, food and other large processing plants, warehouses, distribution centres and port operations.

Guidance for those working in restaurants offering takeaway or delivery services

This guidance applies to any food preparation or service setting where food is sold for takeaway or delivery, including mobile catering. It also applies to food services provided by businesses, but not to food preparation or service in clinical or healthcare settings.

Guidance for those working in shops and branches

This sector guidance is for anyone working in non-food stores, fashion stores and other types of retail. This guidance also covers shops selling food, and chemists and branches include bank branches and other open money businesses.

Guidance for those working in or from a vehicle

This sector guidance covers those who work in or from a vehicle, including couriers, mobile workers, lorry drivers, on-site transit and work vehicles, field forces and similar environments.