The number of people killed on Britain’s railways reached a record high last year, according to figures released by the Rail Safety and Standards Board.

According to the latest statistics, there were 332 deaths on the railways during 2014/15, including 293 suspected suicides and 22 fatal injuries caused by trespassing. Ten of these people were killed at level crossings, including two drivers. This is the highest number in 11 years of records.

Melanie Williams, a serious injury solicitor based in Thompsons Solicitors’ London office, said: “These statistics make for tragic reading, but many people do not realise that the devastation of these types of incidents extends far beyond the victim and their immediate family.

“We work closely with trade unions that represent train drivers, including ASLEF and the RMT, and the long-lasting psychological effects caused by witnessing a death on the railway can be devastating.

"The figures highlight the importance of the care needed by all those who use or access the railways, including pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, but also the need for the government to provide more comprehensive and supportive mental health care services to reduce the incidence of today's mental health concern becoming the tragedy of another railway suicide tomorrow."