The role of midwives across the globe is recognised today (05 May) on the 24th anniversary of the International Day of the Midwife.

Conceived by the International Confederation of Midwives in partnership with midwifery organisations worldwide, International Day of the Midwife encourages communities across the globe to celebrate the achievements of the midwifery profession.

This year’s theme, “Women and New-borns: The Heart of Midwifery”, highlights the exceptional work of the midwifery profession, and the importance of the relationship between expectant mothers and midwives during pregnancy.

While the focus of the day is centred on acknowledging the high standard of midwifery care, one of the objectives is also to emphasise the need to support these skilled health professionals through sufficient funding. It aims to recognise the crucial role midwives play in ensuring expectant mothers, new-borns and families across the globe receive the support they need.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Midwives are a fundamental part of society and it is imperative that mothers and infants have access to these skilled healthcare professionals as they can provide the highest quality of care before, during and after birth.

“Awareness days like International Day of the Midwife help to remind us all of midwives’ significance and remind us of the need to continually invest in improving maternity and neonatal care.

“Through our ongoing work with trade union partners, including the Royal College of Midwives, we know the pressure that the profession is under, not least due to the Tory government’s budget cuts and urge the government to ensure that these professionals receive enough support, through training and funding, in order to continue providing outstanding services to patients.”