Thompsons Solicitors is proud to support the TUC Congress 2014, joining thousands of fellow activists who are committed to raising the quality of British working life.

The trade union movement will gather in Liverpool on Sunday 07 – Wednesday 10 September to debate and decide on a course of action to fight for the rights of working people.

Chief executive of Thompsons Solicitors, Stephen Cavalier, said: “The current government is hell-bent on removing workers’ rights to help their friends in big business, while ordinary working people are bearing the brunt. Terms and conditions are getting worse and insecurity is becoming the norm for far too many workers across Britain. Persistent attacks on health and safety mean the working environment is becoming less safe and injured workers are increasingly being denied proper compensation.

“Thompsons is unwavering in its commitment to the labour movement, and has an unrivalled history of championing the rights of working people. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the trade unions supporting their campaigns for a fair deal for all working people in the UK.”