The Ministry of Justice has released Employment Tribunal claim figures, showing the devastating effect tribunal fees have had on levels of employment justice.

Between April and June this year, there were 25,290 claims made to employment tribunals, including multiple claims filed by more than one individual. That figure was a 38% drop from the 40,962 claims made between January and March.

The fall in claims since fees were introduced is 67% (the same period in 2013 saw 76,476 claims being brought).

Significantly there has been a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable since the introduction of fees on 2013, with a 64% fall in the number of claims concerning unauthorised deduction of wages and sex discrimination claims falling by 87%.

Equal pay claims and breach of contract claims have declined by 66 and 70 per cent respectively.

Iain Birrell of Thompsons Solicitors said: “These figures show yet again that the government’s ideologically-driven assault on employment law is having a profound effect on worker’s rights.

"The government seems intent on and unabashed at pricing the most vulnerable and poorly paid out of access to justice.”