Trade unions have been at the heart of Thompsons Solicitors’ practice since our foundation in 1921.  Throughout our history, we have fought alongside trade unions to protect and improve workplace safety standards and employment rights, winning key legal battles along the way.

Trade Unions provide members with significant benefits in addition to their expertise in helping people resolve problems at work. Below, we give our top five reasons why people should join a trade union.

1. Trade union members earn more. Trade unions negotiate pay, pensions and other workplace rights for their members through collective bargaining. Trade union members earn on average 10 per cent more than non-members.
2. Union members have a free legal service provided by expert lawyers, such as Thompsons Solicitors; from personal injury claims to employment matters, trade union members get specialist help and 100 per cent of their compensation.
3. It’s no coincidence that there are fewer accidents in unionised workplaces. Unions take action to look after the safety of everyone in the workplace, making sure that employers listen to health & safety concerns. Union health and safety representatives have legal rights to raise issues and powers to take action to prevent accidents.
4. Unions lead the fight for equal opportunities and against discrimination. Unions are expert campaigners for industrial and social change, standing up for their members’ rights at work and adding value to organisations by ensuring fair, safe and discrimination-free employment practices, which in turn improves loyalty, flexibility and productivity.
5. Brexit may be the most important political decision for generations, and the EU Withdrawal Bill has the potential to weaken employment and health and safety rights in the workplace. Unions won’t let any government whittle away rights and protections without a fight.