Personal injury solicitor Neil has two decades of experience across all areas of civil litigation and is based at Thompsons Solicitors’ Manchester office. 

Part of Thompsons’ Personal Injury Team, Neil handles foreign jurisdiction cases from across the country and supervises junior colleagues. 

Specialising in overseas claims for workplace accidents and against hotels and tour operators, as well as claims related to the Athens and Montreal conventions, Neil runs a caseload of serious injury and multitrack claims. 

Neil’s caseload is made up of claims for a wide range of injuries and conditions, including brain and head injuries, cognitive impairment, catastrophic orthopaedic injuries, vestibular injuries, chronic pain, infectious diseases and illnesses, PTSD and fibromyalgia. 

Due to the complex nature of overseas claims, Neil has to consider a number of issues when proceeding with a case – including applicable law and jurisdiction, local standards, limitation, case management and rehabilitation – to ensure clients receive the best possible legal care. 

Neil is proud to work at Thompsons because the firm, which Neil says is staffed by a driven and amiable workforce, shares his passion for achieving justice for working people.

Outside of work, Neil is fan of aviation who pilots small aircraft and enjoys playing tennis, photography and walking.


Accident at work claim: As a contractor working in the Middle East, Neil’s client was exposed to manual handling activity which caused him to sustain bi-lateral hernias. The claimant was unable to work as result of the symptoms which included chronic pain, depression and a limitation on his ability to lift certain weights. A first lifting accident caused an initial hernia, which necessitated a medical repair procedure. After a period of recuperation the claimant went back to work. Unfortunately six months later Neil’s client was involved in a second accident, which caused a reoccurrence of the hernia symptoms. In order to limit their exposure to damages, the employer raised technical arguments in relation to causation and the happening of the accidents. They also secured opposing medical evidence to support their case. Notwithstanding, the employer agreed a settlement of the claim in the sum of £165,000.

Road traffic accident claim: Neil’s client and her family were involved in a serious road traffic accident in Slovenia. They were passengers in a hire car driving from the airport when an error was made whilst turning at a busy junction. The hire car was insured to a Slovenia motor insurer. The negligent party was the driver of the hire car, who was a British national. The insurer admitted liability but disputed Neil’s interpretation of the Rome II principles and that the relevant assessment of both liability and quantum were to be determined by reference to the English/Welsh legal standard. The insurer failed to file a defence or make offers of compensation. The proceedings were subsequently referred to the Motor Insurers Bureau. With their co-operation Neil was able to secure a settlement of £32,000 for his client, together with damages for the other less injured occupants.


Neil is a Law Society Panel member.


Neil’s former client said: “I can not thank you enough Neil for your help and guidance. I do not think I would still be here if it wasn’t for you being on the end of a phone when I needed someone.”

Another of Neil’s former clients said: “Once again can I offer my sincere thanks for all the hard work Thompsons and especially yourself, Neil, have put into my claim.”