Natalie is the partner and branch manager of Thompsons’ Solicitors’ Sheffield office, handling personal injury claims from trade union members across England and Wales.

A Thompsons’ Partner and highly experienced personal injury solicitor, Natalie is responsible for her team delivering a streamlined, high quality service to union members injured in accidents, getting them the maximum compensation in the shortest possible time. Natalie is Thompsons’ expert in portal claims and the associated rules and procedures. At any one time, Natalie’s team are dealing with 9,500 cases. The vast majority attract compensation of between £1,000 and £25,000.

Natalie’s team deals with all accidents at work, public liability, road traffic accidents, assaults, sports injuries, animal claims, product liability claims, trips, slips and other accidents. Where liability is not admitted through the portal, the claim is then referred to Thompsons National Litigation Unit.

Natalie has 20 years’ experience of taking personal injury cases through from initial instruction to court proceedings and settlement. These have included fast and multi-track in employers’ liability, public/occupiers liability, road traffic accidents, product liability, defective premises, carbon monoxide poisoning, dog bites, sports injuries and assaults. This experience is invaluable in managing the team. Setting a high professional standard, Natalie aims to have medical experts instructed within a week of a claim coming in, but will make sure that the long-term impact, and likelihood of recovery, of more severe injuries are assessed at the right time.

Thompsons’ Sheffield office is also the location for the national contact centre that receives all legal queries from union members and then allocates them to the relevant team or branch. Natalie also has responsibility for the team that provides free legal advice to union members. She believes this is a huge benefit for union members who can access half-hour’s free legal advice on any issue, from disputes with neighbours to consumer rights.

Natalie is proud of her work for Thompsons, “a firm like no other,” because they put clients first, look after trade union members and never act for employers, but for those injured or mistreated at work.

Natalie likes going to the gym, cycling, running and reading, and spending time with her family.


UNISON member, Steven Moss, a caretaker, was trying to board up a window that had been broken by vandals, when he suffered serious lacerations to his wrist. The school denied responsibility for the accident, but Natalie successfully recovered compensation because the task had not been risk assessed. If it had, it would have been found to be a job more suitable for two people.

Allan Hodgson, a UNISON member and market supervisor, when opening up the building where he worked early one morning, slipped on rubbish lying on the floor, fell and injured his shoulder. Natalie made a claim for compensation on his behalf on the grounds that the floor area should have been thoroughly cleaned at close of business the night before. The employers denied responsibility. Natalie issued proceedings and pursued the case through the courts. She recovered just over £100,000 damages for the injured man.


Natalie is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).


Jane McCloughlin, a Thompsons personal injury client, who was hit and badly injured by a people carrier in a Morrisons petrol station forecourt, received £88,000 compensation for her injuries, thanks to Natalie. Jane talks about her experience of Thompsons here.