Craig is a member of the professional misconduct and criminal law team, based in Thompsons’ Newcastle office which covers all of the North East region as well as Cumbria and North Yorkshire. 

Having qualified in 2007, Craig is engaged in three main areas of work. The majority of his caseload is made up of criminal law matters.  This often involves him providing advice and representation to clients at the police station, Magistrates Court and the Crown Court.  Craig also provides advice on the prospects of appeal against both conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.  Most of the criminal cases he deals with involve defendants who are professional people.  He has significant experience defending those accused of historic sexual offending, misconduct in public office and serious physical assaults.  

Craig also specialises in inquest law which involves providing advice and representation to clients at coroners’ inquests. This work is undertaken primarily on behalf of the Prison Officers Association following a death in custody.  Craig also has significant experience in the field of public law, including challenges by way of judicial review to Disclosure and Barring Service Certificates and actions against the police for unlawful arrest.

Client care is extremely important to Craig and he always takes the time to listen carefully to his clients before providing clear advice in plain English. For those who assert their innocence, Craig strives to achieve an acquittal by securing and examining all relevant evidence to ensure the strongest possible case is presented to the court.  Where a client accepts culpability, Craig provides robust mitigation to the court in an effort to secure the best possible outcome. 

Craig is committed to defending professionals who are, more often than not, experiencing the criminal justice system for the first time. He is acutely aware that his clients require significant support when faced with allegations which have the potential to deprive them of their liberty, career, home and family.

He particularly enjoys working for Thompsons because of its commitment to the trade union movement. Craig believes that the support of a trade union can be vital in ensuring that working people accused of criminal offences are able to put forward their strongest possible case, especially given the reduction in legal aid.

In his spare time Craig is a volunteer football coach at a local club and is an avid Newcastle United supporter.


Craig’s Case Experience

Allegations of Indecent Assault 

Craig represented a man who faced historic allegations of indecent assault against his adopted sister. A complaint was made to police around twenty years after the alleged abuse was said to have occurred.  At the conclusion of a week-long trial, the jury acquitted the defendant in a unanimous verdict. 

It was a significant part of the woman’s evidence that one incident of sexual abuse had occurred in a bedroom which had posters of a particular pop group on the wall. Craig was able to demonstrate that the pop group in question had not even formed at the time of the alleged offence. Likewise, he was able to show that another alleged incident of abuse, which was said to have occurred in a holiday chalet, could not have taken place.  The decisive evidence on this point came from an elderly relative who was only able to give evidence following significant support from Craig. 

Operation Seabrook

Craig is currently involved in Operation Seabrook, the largest police investigation in the history of Durham Police. This concerns an investigation into historical sexual abuse allegations, with 1400 complainants to date. He is representing prison officers accused of sexually abusing boys in a detention centre. Police began interviewing suspects in 2014 and a decision as to whether there will be prosecution arising from those interviews is expected in early 2017.

Operation Magnolia

He is also involved in Operation Magnolia which is led by Cleveland police. This investigation opened in 2014 and currently has about 250 complainants. Craig is again representing prison officers accused of sexual assault.


Client Testimonial

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to […] Mr Hunn. His expert knowledge, patience, tenacity and skill are commendable and I would like to thank him for all his efforts on my behalf during what has been a challenging few months. I firmly believe that his preparation for the case and his attitude towards the court, colleagues and witnesses […] contributed to a dignified ending to my case. […] I could not have wished for better representation”.