Nicholas is a Senior Lawyer and Business Development Co-ordinator based in Thompsons' Bristol office.

As the head of the South West Personal Injury group, he helps injured clients from across the whole of the region.

Some of the most common cases in which he is involved include industrial asthma, industrial deafness and vibration white finger, sometimes referred to as Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

With many years’ experience of industrial disease claims, Nicholas is a very knowledgeable solicitor who uses his skill and experience to recover the maximum amount of compensation for his clients in the shortest possible time.


Nicholas' case experience

Below, you will find just a small selection of the work disease compensation claims Nicholas has dealt with successfully from Thompsons Solicitors’ Bristol office.


Worker developed HAVS from using vibrating tools

A road worker employed by a council had to spend long periods using heavy vibrating tools such as jack hammers and petrol powered mowers. His employer did not ensure that the length of time he spent using the tools was kept to a safe level and he developed HAVS which caused his hands to go white and become painful. Nicholas commissioned an expert engineer’s report which confirmed that the employers had breached the relevant regulations and he was able to settle the claim for £13,500.


Foundry worker not monitored when using tools

A foundry worker who used jack hammers, vibrator compactors, hand rammers, chipping hammers and disc cutters for long periods of time without proper control or monitoring by his employer developed HAVS. He has been advised that he cannot work with these tools again. Although his employers denied liability, Nicholas commissioned an expert engineer’s report which supported his client’s claims. Nicholas was able to settle the claim on behalf of the worker for £7,500, a week before the trial was due to begin.


Occupational dermatitis from glycerine

Nicholas' client worked in a manufacturing environment where she was frequently exposed to glycerine. After developing problems with itchy skin and rashes she was diagnosed with dermatitis. Her employer temporarily moved her to a different department but when her skin condition settled down, they moved her back, only for the skin problems to return.

Although provided with gloves, she sometimes had to remove them and was therefore still frequently exposed to glycerine. It also dripped onto her safety shoes and contaminated her clothing causing rashes on her feet and body.

This client also went on to develop sensitivity to other products such as cosmetics and detergents. Nicholas recovered compensation for this injured worker and she was happy with the outcome.


Professional membership

Nicholas is a member of the Devon and Exeter Law Society as well as the Plymouth Law Society.

He is a senior litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and a member of the Solicitors Association of Higher Courts Advocates.


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