Senior personal injury solicitor, Warinder, is a Thompsons Solicitors’ Associate who supervises the work-related stress team based in the firm’s Birmingham office, covering the West Midlands.



As a highly-skilled and experienced lawyer of more than 26 years’ standing, Warinder has been involved in groundbreaking work-related stress claims for trade union clients that helped to set the standards in the field.

Warinder has handled the whole gamut of work-related stress claims, whether they feature bullying and harassment, over-work or exposure to traumatic events. Now specialising in the field and supervising the Thompsons team of nine legal experts dedicated to pursuing stress claims, Warinder brings that knowledge and judgement to good effect.

A hard-working all-rounder, Warinder has experience of handling criminal, family and corporate law cases, as well as personal injury, including exposure to substances hazardous to health, work-related upper limb disorders, and accidents both at work and in road traffic collisions. Many clients with multiple orthopaedic injuries or psychiatric and psychological injuries have benefitted from Warinder’s sensitive and professional approach.



A GMB representative and a member of the Labour Party, Warinder plays the tabla, a pair of double drums that accompany the sitar, and enjoys martial arts. Warinder also volunteers at a welfare centre that provides free legal advice in an underprivileged area of Wolverhampton.

Warinder’s commitment and dedication to the type of work that Thompsons undertakes, led him to the firm in the first place. Having read about the work of Robin Thompson and Partners, Warinder decided that was the firm for him and, although there were no vacancies, he wrote to ask whether they had any openings. Six months’ later, Warinder was working for Thompsons, initially dealing with accident and scheme deafness cases, but also representing trade union members at tribunals, professional council meetings, and police stations.

The Thompsons ethos of representing people who would not ordinarily have access to legal services, and furthering the rights of trade unions and their members, keeps Warinder motivated.


Hazel Zaidi, a Thompsons work-related stress client, said: “You have kept me informed as you have received information. You have been very professional in advising me. I am pleased with your service and I would recommend you.”

UCU member Mark Bannister worked for Staffordshire University. Excessive work meant that he was putting in 65 hours a week, resulting in a work-related stress injury. Warinder won Mark £110,000 in an out-of-court settlement.