Thompsons Solicitors is more than just a personal injury and trade union law firm. Throughout our history, we have actively campaigned for positive change for the benefit of injured and working people. That campaigning tradition lives on today.

Standing with Unions

For almost 100 years, Thompsons Solicitors has stood shoulder to shoulder with the trade union movement, working with unions for improved workers’ rights, campaigning for justice and equality. Find out how we're standing with unions here.

The Standing With Unions Logo, showing people standing together in solidarity

Under the COSHH

Thousands of workers die each year from illnesses caused by overexposure to hazardous substances at work. Employers have a legal duty to protect their employees in the workplace. This includes preventing or reducing workers’ exposure to hazardous substances at work and complying with the COSHH. However, this isn't always the case.

That's why we're doing all we can do to equip employees to know whether their employer is complying with the law, with the aim of reducing the number of injured workers we see.

Focus on safety at work

Health and safety is critical in the workplace, yet thousands of workers are still seriously injured in accidents or develop life-threatening illnesses as a result of their working conditions every year. Thompsons Solicitors is promoting awareness of this issue by encouraging trade union members to submit their depiction of health and safety in a new photography competition.

Hasthag for Thompsons Solicitors' Focus Safety campaign.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

We work with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to raise awareness of the human rights abuses taking place in occupied territories in Palestine.

Learn more about how we use our international reputation to show solidarity to the people of Palestine.

South African Miners

Thompsons was responsible for a landmark £45million settlement on behalf of South African miners and their families exposed to asbestos.

Read how we held the companies who ruthlessly exploited their labour during the apartheid years to account.

A South African miner underground.

Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

Thompsons works with partners from across the trade union movement to promote democracy and social progress in Venezuela.

Read how the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign is defending the Venezuelan people’s rights to determine their own future free from oppression.

Show Racism the Red Card

We are committed to stamping out racism and promoting equality in all parts of society.

Learn more about the work we do to support anti-racism education charity Show Racism the Red Card.

A team of people at Thompsons Solicitors law firm with celebrities wearing 'Show Racism the Red Card' red T-shirts.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign

We work with the Cuba Solidarity Campaign to raise awareness of trade union victimisation and human rights abuses taking place in Cuba.

Read how we work with the TUC and trade union partners to build international solidarity and demonstrate global opposition.

Justice for Colombia

Justice for Colombia was established to campaign for peace and social justice in Colombia in 2002.

Learn more about our work alongside Justice for Colombia, campaigning for the release of political prisoners and the strengthening of human rights.

Justice for colombia group

The Thompson Foundation

The Thompson Foundation was established in 2015 to mark the retirement of the final member of the Thompson family from the firm.

Learn more about the Thompson Foundation and the commitments it underpins here.

Blacklisting Victory Campaign

Thompsons Solicitors is proud to have supported Unite the Union in securing over £10 million in compensation for families who have suffered the consequences of illegal blacklisting.

Learn more here.

People protesting to stop victimisation of union members to end the blacklist.

The Miners’ Strike 1984/85

1984 saw a year-long strike by the National Union of Mineworkers, following the closure of 20 coal pits and the loss of 20,000 mining jobs by a newly elected Conservative Government. Thompsons stood alongside the NUM during the strike and not only attempted to look after the interests of the union as a whole, but also represented many individual workers who faced serious criminal charges.

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