Strain Injury Claims

Thompsons has an extensive track record of securing work-related upper limb disorder and repetitive strain injury compensation for injured trade union members. From machinists and construction workers through to production line workers, office employees and computer operators, strain injuries can occur in all workplaces.

If you are experiencing significant pain and discomfort in your hands and fingers, or neck, shoulders and back that you think may be work-related, contact your union: on instruction from them we can look into whether you have a possible strain injury compensation claim against your employer.

Why trust Thompsons Solicitors with your strain injury claim

“I had no idea who to turn to, but then my union rep helped tremendously. He introduced me to Thompsons so I could take advantage of the free legal help scheme.”

Craig, trade union member

Our accident at work specialists work quickly to secure the maximum amount of compensation for those suffering from a strain injury while also working with your union to ensure that your employer adopts safer working practices to protect workers in future.