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Weekly issue 69 - April 2002

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Fittingly appropriate

In a landmark judgment, a decision from the CAC has been upheld in the first case on statutory recognition to reach the Court of Appeal.

After the job is too late for protection

Recently there have been a number of cases which have considered whether Employment Tribunals have jurisdiction to deal with post employment discrimination.

DisCRIMEination and punishment

Finally the Law may now have changed to allow Claimants to bring claims for exemplary damages for the statutory tort of race discrimination, following this case in the House of Lords.

Fairly trying times for Human Rights Act

It is fair to say that the Human Rights Act has not, so far, had a radical impact on employment law in the UK.

Picking up information and consultation

A council meeting of Ministers of Agriculture (including fisheries) on 18 February 2002 finally adopted the directive establishing a general framework for improving information and consultation rights of employees in the European Community.

The price is right

The Employment Tribunal, in an important decision, have clarified what compensation should be awarded in redundancy dismissal cases. Section 123 (1) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 states that when considering the amount of a compensatory award it '...shall be such amount as the tribunal considers just and equitable in all the circumstances, having regard to the loss sustained by the complainant in consequence of the dismissal in so far as that loss is attributable to action taken by the employer.'