The Industrial Law Society has announced that it is holding its spring conference on Saturday 14 May on the very topical theme of EU law and Brexit.

The conference opens with a talk by Martin Howe QC, Chair of Lawyers for Britain, on the consequences following a referendum decision to leave the European Union, the procedure for Brexit under the Treaty including the steps that will follow to adjust domestic law for departure and the replacement international arrangements that are likely to follow in terms of trade treaties and other arrangements.

He will be followed by Professor Michael Ford QC, Bristol University and Old Square Chambers who will consider the question of which rights, such as working time rules and protection of agency workers, are likely to be targeted by a government with a deregulatory agenda in the event of Brexit.

After a buffet lunch Professor Marc de Vos, Director International Relations and LLM, Ghent University Law School, Belgium will explore how the EU, through a combination of case-law and directives, has increasing difficulty combining the promise of a common market with the sovereignty of domestic employment law.

The final speaker, Helen Mountfield QC, Matrix Chambers, will look at the way in which arguments concerning human rights have been formulated in UK employment law in the twenty-first century, whether the proposed repeal of the Human Rights Act or possible removal of the EU Charter post-Brexit will close down these arguments, and how else (if at all) human rights arguments may continue to be used in employment cases.

The conference offers 4 hours CPD. It costs £100 for members, £50 for Academic Members (up to level of Reader) and £25 for full-time student members and unwaged members, and £140 for non members.

It will take place at: EEF , Broadway House Conference Centre, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ, starting at 10am.

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