The government has just announced that, following a consultation it will not now extend the right to request time off for training for employees working in organisations with 250 or fewer employees. It was due to have extended the right (currently only available to employees of large organisations) from April.

The government last week published the findings of its review into the current vetting and barring scheme (VBS) which regulates people who want to work with vulnerable groups.

The key recommendations of the review include:

  • retaining a state body to provide a barring function to help employers protect children and vulnerable adults
  • merging the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) 
  • limiting the new barring regime to cover only those who may have regular or close contact with vulnerable groups
  • continuing to apply barring to both paid and unpaid roles.
  • minimising the number of positions that currently require checks to those working most closely and regularly with children and vulnerable adults
  • allowing a more portable system of criminal records between jobs by introducing a system which allows for continuous updating
  • stopping the need for those working or volunteering with vulnerable groups to register with the vetting and barring scheme
  • preventing employers from requesting criminal records checks on individuals who they know are not entitled to them.


The necessary legislative changes have included in the Protection of Freedoms Bill. The government has confirmed that until it has been introduced and the new arrangements established, the existing responsibilities of employers and the ISA will remain.

To access the review, go to: