Leighanne is an enthusiastic and empathetic first point of contact for trade union clients referred to Thompsons Solicitors’ criminal law team in Birmingham.  

Whether she is dealing with trade union members charged with criminal or professional misconduct, sexual or racial assaults or driving offences, Leighanne supports them through the process with care and efficiency.  From taking statements and attending court, to arranging police interviews, Leighanne is able to use her considerable organisational and report-writing skills, gained as a Thompsons Solicitors secretary.  

New to litigation work, Leighanne is looking forward to gaining more experience in assisting clients charged with criminal law offences. Thompsons Solicitors encouraged and enabled Leighanne to make the leap from secretarial to litigation work, which Leighanne says is a testimony to Thompsons Solicitors’ supportive ethos.  

For Leighanne, the most rewarding part of her job is helping often distressed clients, who have been accused of criminal law offences in the workplace, achieve a fair hearing and successful outcome.   Thompsons Solicitors, she says, is different from other firms in this field because it supports workers’ rights and works closely with trade unions. 

In her spare time, Leighanne likes to relax by reading crime novels, renovating her house or going camping. 



Dinesh Pandya, a UNISON member and former Thompsons Solicitors criminal law client, who was falsely accused of sexual assault, said: “Leighanne Davis was very efficient and professional.  She responded to emails very promptly, was clear in her explanation and diligently chased third-parties when required.  She relieved some of the stress of the situation.  I was very lucky to have her handle my case”.