Based in Thompsons’ Manchester office, Janet is a branch manager with overall responsibility for cases taken on by lawyers in the firm’s North West offices. 

As a personal injury lawyer, who previously specialised in claims for asbestos-related diseases and serious and fatal injuries, Janet is an experienced legal professional. Now, as a branch manager, she is responsible for all client relations and business development in the North West region.  In particular, she is responsible for ensuring that clients receive the high standard of service for which Thompsons is renowned and that the lawyers providing that service are highly trained within their specialisms. 

In addition to overseeing Thompsons’ North West-based lawyers, Janet is also responsible for the work of the firm’s National Foreign Jurisdiction division, a team of lawyers who help those involved in accidents abroad – whether they be holidaying or travelling for business – get compensation. 

Janet’s goal is to secure justice for working people – something she believes can best be achieved by investing time and effort in the professional development of Thompsons’ lawyers. That way, she says, she can be sure that they will provide a consistent and high quality service to all clients. 

She is proud to work for Thompsons, describing them as ‘a law firm different from the rest’, which only ever represents the injured and mistreated, never insurance companies or employers. 

In her spare time Janet can be found walking and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family.   Janet is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.